• Finding your way forward with GoForward Residential Group Home

Whom we serve

The program is a youth-centered trauma-informed model designed for low to medium risk males ages 12 – 18 under the supervision of the Department of Corrections for placement. Youth in court-ordered out of home placement through juvenile protection or in conjunction with social services are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Go Forward offers generalized skill development in the areas of self-care, group and community functioning. Progress is not determined by time, but by integration of the skills and demonstration of meaningful change.

Youth with moderate delinquency, mental health, chemical health, or truancy issues requiring a non-secure structured residential setting qualify for this program.

Youth must be able to attend school off-site.

Commitment of family is important for successful completion of the program.  Family is expected to participate positively in contact with their child including on-grounds and off-grounds visits. Parents or other appropriately identified adult(s) are expected to participate in family therapy and collaborate with the child to develop and implement tools that assist the youth in being successful upon return home.

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